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Oral Surgery

Frenectomy or Frenulectomy is the removal of a frenulum,

A few types of procedures that are associated with frenulums are:

  • Lingual frenectomy is the removal of the lingual frenulum which is the band of tissue extending from the floor of the mouth to the midline of the underside of the tongue. This is used to treat patients with ankyloglossia (tongue tied). After this minor oral surgical procedure, the tongue often dramatically extend out of the mouth, something it could not do before.  This procedure can help improve speech and promote proper tooth arch development.
  • Labial frenectomy is the removal of the labial frenulum which is the band of tissue that is attached to the center of the upper and between the upper two front teeth. This can cause a large gap between the upper two central incisor teeth, and gingival recession on the lower incisors by pulling the gums off of the bone, exposing the roots of teeth, subjecting them to sensitivity. 

 Surgical Procedure

The procedure takes place in Dr. Fatehi's surgery suite and is commonly performed under local anesthesia, although Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) or even intravenous sedation can be used for the patient's comfort.  Dissolving sutures are placed and over the counter analgesic medications usually suffice to control any post-operative discomfort.